Fish's Gravlax and Prawns 27 €
Homemade Duck foie gras with toasts 29 €
Special Homemade Salad 29 €

Main Course


Fried Scallops 29 €
with a Orange Sauce
Roasted Turbot 28 €
with a Martini Sauce
Salmon Filet 24 €
with Marinade


Piece of Game 29 €
with a Pepper Sauce
Calf's head 27 €
Gribiche sauce
Veal kidney 28 €
with Mustard sauce
Beef filet 29 €
with Red Win sauce


French cheeses 8 €



Crème brûlée au 'Désir du second'
Hot Chocolate and Salt Flower Cake
Tarte Tain of Kiwi and Orange
Risotto with Fruits and Coconut Milk
Sorbet with alcohol
Speculoos Cheesecake with caramel sauce
Milly Coffee
Iced nougat and his two grout
Chocolate Cream, banana and nuts

“Bistrot à l’Ardoise”

Noon & Evening
Except friday evening, week-end & holydays (and the evening before)

Starters + Main Course: 21 €
Starters + Main Course + Dessert : 23 €

The choice of dishes change every week.


Starters – Main Course – Delicacy
– 38 € –


Goat Cheese Muffin, Caramelized Leeks, Parsnip Sauce
Roquefort Pudding, Pine Nuts, Endives, Raw Ham
Egg, Tortilla and Fish's Gravlax
Vegetarian Brandade

Main Course

Porc Filet Mignon, Bacon, Garlic and Parsley Sauce
Calf's head, Gribiche sauce
Salmon Filet, Orange Sauce
Burger : Reblochon, Bacon, and Rosemary Cream
Guinea Fowl's Supreme, Stuffed with Vegetables


Crème brûlée au Désir du second
Risotto with Fruits and Coconut Milk
Speculoos Cheesecake and Caramel Sauce
Hot Chocolate and Salt Flower Cake
Iced Nougat and his Grout -


Starters – Main Course – Chesse – Delicacy
– 43 € –


Snails'Ravioli, Foie Gras Sauce
Fish Tartare, Mango and Pineapple, Smocked Duck Breast
Vegetables Soup, Grilled Prawns
Duck Foie Gras and Chutney

Main Course

Grilled beef filet, with a Pepper and Truffles sauce
Scallops with Martini and Chive Sauce
Veal Kidney with "Chasseur" Sauce
Turbot with Tomatoes and Olives Sauce
Piece of Game, Red Wine Sauce and Caramelized Apple

Cheese plater

Cheese board


Ordered at meal start


Child under 10

16 €

Charcuterie – day ideas – Ice cream


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